October 14, 2018: World's largest Radio Flyer Wagon


A popular spot for families visiting Spokane's Riverfront Park is this interesting piece of functional public art.

Radio Flyer (3)

Built at a cost of $36,000 in 1990, and made of 26 tons of steel and concrete, it stands 12 ft high and is 27 ft long.  The wagon is designed to be a slide and you'll often find lots of kids waiting in line waiting to use it.  It can hold as many as 300 people. 

Radio Flyer (5)

Radio Flyer (4)

I like the simplicity of the piece.  I had a small version of this type of wagon as a child and used it to haul around all kids of things, from vegetables in my mom's garden to friends as we headed to the playground.  Brings back good memories to see the piece and to know Radio Flyer wagons still are a source of joy to children.

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