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October 10, 2020: A View That Isn't There


On our first afternoon in Corning, New York, on our way to a late lunch, our eye was caught by this spectacular confection of trompe l'oeil on a brick building.


It's so well executed that even after recognizing the faux arches, it took me a second look to realize half the second-floor windows were also fake. It's the work of Hammondsport, New York artist Brett Steeves, who was hired by the now-defunct Brickhouse Brewery restaurant to paint the mural that depicts historical scenes from Corning.


The building's two arches offer a view of Corning looking across to the other side of the Chemung River, not that far away, and featuring a bridge that still exists, as well as a steam-hauled train that doesn't.


Sadly, no chance to try out the burgers and brew at Brickhouse Brewery, because it closed for good a few weeks ago, likely a victim of the pandemic. Before it was Brickhouse, the premises operated as That Other Place. It's for rent now, ready to open, and you can pick your own new name.


The characters in the windows seemed friendly enough, though I did wonder if the guitar player was leaning out a bit too far.


The gaffer, below, can be found all over Corning, and is a symbol of Corning Glass Company.


And, for those of you who are really into not-so-subtle irony, here's a close-up. Take all the time you want...

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The best part of every trip is realizing that it has upset your expectations

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