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Oct. 8, 2016: Streets of Rhodes


The Greek island of Rhodes is a quiet place to visit in February, although not as quiet as some other islands that live only in summer. We were there because it was when we had school vacation, and because we'd been advised that for February it was the warmest of Greece's islands.


Not so quiet, though, that even in the Old Town, the walled-in medieval city, we couldn't find enough places to eat and enough sights to see. And, we did get to see: In summer, we're told, the crowds make it almost impossible to see the quiet corners, the narrow roads, the small details.


Quite a number of the roads pass under arches, whether modest or grand. The modest ones are sometimes no more than braces to keep the houses apart; the grand ones pass into or under castle entrances or occupy once-filled moats. Rhodes was the home of the Knights Hospitallers, who built the majestic buildings that mark the old town...before they had to decamp for Malta.


These are some of my favorite views.



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