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Oct. 30, 2018: Inner Space Cavern, Georgetown, TX


GT18While visiting Georgetown, Texas, recently, I decided to explore Inner Space Cavern. It was discovered in 1963 when a highway core drilling team was taking core samples to route the then new Interstate 35. The drill bit suddenly dropped 26 feet and the highway crew knew there was something down there besides rock.

During the following days the caves were explored. Three years later they opened to the public as a natural tourist attraction.

I took the adventure tour. My guide led a group of a dozen or so curious tourists deep into the earth and into
GT19some of the largest and most decorated rooms. There were explorers of every age and physical ability and no one had trouble maneuvering the well maintained and easy to follow lighted paths.

Other more demanding tours are also available including Hidden Passage Tour and Wild Cave Tour.

Like every attraction in Georgetown, everyone was helpful and friendly; anxious to show someone new to their city a good time.


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