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Oak Hammock Marsh, Manitoba


Oak Hammock Marsh Wildlife Management Area is situated just north of Winnipeg.  It's a restored prairie marsh completed in the 1970s which covers almost 9,000 acres.  The marsh has a few patches of some of Manitoba’s last remaining tall-grass prairie.

01 Oak Hammock Marsh

This Marsh is home to 300 species of birds (making it a great birding destination), 25 species of mammal, numerous amphibians, reptiles, fish, and countless invertebrates. During bird migration season, the number of waterfowl using the marsh can exceed 100,000 daily!

03 Oak Hammock Marsh

There are 30 kilometers of hiking trails letting you to explore this habitat, including some boardwalks.

We visited the Marsh when our boys were quite young.  They enjoyed the Marsh's self-exploration features, such as dipping into the water with small nets for aquatic insects and tadpoles, and watching birds with borrowed binoculars (as shown below).

04 Oak Hammock Marsh

Construction on the Conservation Centre began in 1991.  The Centre was designed to blend in with the landscape, using local limestone on the facade.  The area is landscaped with native plants.   Construction was completed in the fall of 1992.  The Conservation Centre hosts Ducks Unlimited Canada’s national headquarters,

02 Oak Hammock Marsh
(our sons and their older cousin enter the Visitor's Center)


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