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Nov. 4, 2018 - Colectivo Moriviví, San Juan


The Santurce neighborhood in San Juan is home to dozens and dozens of street murals. Colectivo Moriviví is a group of young female artists who have been adding to this collection, but with a distinctly political bent. This mural, Titled Paz para la Mujer (Peace for Women) has caused a lot of controversy. It takes on the issue of violence against women, and was originally painted with bare breasts. The reaction from The Church and some local politicians was to paint bras over the breasts.

After a couple of rounds of repainting the mural, Moriviví reached a compromised. They provided a cover to the mural that "pixilated" that part of the mural, with many other pieces that showed the controversy and and also brought forth the issue of domestic violence and rape.



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