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November 30, 2017: Delhi in a Nutshell


I spent a fair bit of time reviewing trip photos during some recent flights and it's always interesting to see what grabs your attention when you do.  If there's a single image I took during my week in Delhi that summarized the city for me, it would be this one.

A traffic intersection in front of an old gate with a chaotic mix of animals, tuk-tuks, cars, vans, motorbikes and people.  There's even a little trash, though not  the piles of the stuff elsewhere in the gutters.  It doesn't take much imagination to envision the noise, honking horns, exhaust fumes and smell of the place.

How anything moves is beyond me, yet somehow it does, without everyone getting killed in the process.


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  • Delhi street scene

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"We do not take a trip, a trip takes us".  John Steinbeck, from Travels with Charlie

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The Ajmeri gate, if I'm not mistaken - Ajmer in Rajasthan was much more important in the past, but now known mainly as the portal to Pushkar, where the world renowned 'camel fair' is held. Perched on a conical hill there is the only temple in India dedicated to Brahma

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