November 26, 2019: The Masala Chai Men's Club, Jojawar


While rambling around the city of Jojawar, we came across this group of older men.  They were gathered in the shade of an overhang, shoes off, sitting on towels and blankets, smoking and enjoying good conversation and some masala chai.

01 Masala Chai

02 Masala Chai

As is typical of the more remote regions of Rajasthan, the men almost uniformly wore turbans.  

03 Masala Chai

04 Masala Chai

A street vendor near them was cooking up masala chai, a treat our tour group had grown to enjoy.  We watched him go through the process of preparing our chai — a mixture of boiled milk, water and spiced tea.   He kept constantly stirring the mixture until it was ready.

07 Masala Chai

06 Masala Chai

A tasty treat!

08 Masala Chai


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