November 24, 2019: Lake Bunyonyi, Uganda

Not far from the border between Rwanda & Uganda, and easily reached on public transports, scenic Lake Bunyonyi is an ideal place to relax while traveling in Western Uganda or upon crossing the border between both countries.
If you are tired of traveling and look for a place to crash down and relax for a few days, Lake Bunyonyi is probably the ideal spot.
The scenic shoreline of Lake Bunyonyi is an invitation for relaxing & daydreaming, or reading a good book, while soaking in the unique beauty of the place.
The laidback and quiet atmosphere of Rutinda is a welcome change to bigger cities, especially in Uganda, congested with traffic.
At 1.840 meters above sea level, Lake Bunyonyi offers pleasant temperatures (nights might be chilly though, especially in the rainy season) and no mosquitoes!
Lake Bunyonyi offers a decent range of accommodations catering for all budgets, at an overall acceptable price (though higher than in other parts of the country).
There are many activities available on and around Lake Bunyonyi, and it is actually quite easy to find fellow travelers to share costs for those activities.


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