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Sunday Market In Tarabuco, Bolivia


Tarabuco is a village about 65 kilometers from Sucre, known for its highly developed weaving techniques and quality textiles, and especially for its very genuine “Indigenous” Sunday market.



Tarabuco is touristy for Bolivian standards, with a few small groups of tourists strolling around this rural market, but we were pleasantly surprised to discover a far more genuine market than we had expected.



The local population must be nearly solely “Indigenous” and the number of farmers wearing traditional clothes was overwhelming.  Most interesting are the various head dresses, some look like leathery brown helmets, others resemble dark blue woolen ski hats. The most intriguing ones are worn by women, they can best described as fez-like black hats decorated with elaborate bead work in front. Often strings of beads are dangling right in front of the eyes.




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