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Norway kangaroo still on the hop


An kangaroo (not the one above) that escaped from a zoo on May 11 is still at large on the Norwegian island of Karmøy, and has been making itself a nuisance at a local school.

The animal, too young for the zoo to have determined its gender yet, appears to have hopped a fence at the Haugaland Zoo and kept on going. It has been reported recently to have been showing up at a local kindergarten. The head teacher told broadcaster NRK that “In the beginning it was exciting. Then it started jumping over the fence and began using the daycare’s outdoors area as a toilet. It leaves large amounts behind every single day. We have to go around clearing muck each day.”

Officials have come to the conclusion that they are dealing with a zoo problem as much as with a kangaroo problem. This is the second time in three years a kangaroo has escaped. A June 18 inspection by the Food Safety Authority found that the zoo had no routines in place to prevent a recurrence. The zoo has since posted new procedures, both general and for kangaroos.

The authority called the procedures inadequate and criticized the zoo for doing little to recapture the kangaroo. The zoo owner, in an interview in May, told NRK that he wasn't worried because kangaroos “eat grass and leaves and are not dangerous to anyone” and would probably return on his or her own.

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