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New look planned for DC Union Station


Washington, DC's historic Union Station could get a completely new look at the 'back of the house' under a proposal being considered by DC's Fine Arts Commission, which must approve changes to the historic structure.

The plan makes no changes in the historic station hall, which serves as one of the capital's impressive formal gateways. Instead, the plan would sweep away much of what has been added behind the station and over the tracks, replacing it with airy modern spaces that integrate train, bus and Metro services along with waiting areas, retail and parking. Part of the financing would come from selling air rights over the new facilities, as seen below.

The station is owned by the Federal government, which would manage the project which, if approved, will take over a decade to complete. The new terminal areas would answer years of complaints about outmoded and uncomfortable spaces in the station, which serves Amtrak, Metro and both Maryland and Virginia regional rail services.


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