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New Eurostar Service, London - Provence

Eurostar is expanding its service and, beginning May 1, 2015, offering direct trains to Lyon and the South of France, Avignon and Marseille, from London.  It's a particular benefit to those not stopping in Paris (although I can't imagine not stopping in Paris) by avoiding the need to change stations to continue south by rail.  I just may have to give it a try.


Click here for the Eurostar website for more information.




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Sorry Paul but you've lost me !

If you fly to Marseilles and take the 760 mile train journey to London you'll avoid the APD.

True. But that will cost you more than the APD and you'll waste a day.

You dont see much from the window on a train doing 186 MPH.

Be aware that the nation with the most heavily taxed European passengers is France, where over 60% of airport and passenger charges are in the form of state taxes to be paid by the passenger.

Aside from a chance to take another jab at Heathrow, my point was that if you wanted to visit both London and Provence, you might save a bit by making London last, rather than first.

The best part of every trip is realizing that it has upset your expectations

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