Nepal's Sherpas help rebuild Norway hiking paths


Sherpas from the Himalayan mountains near Mount Everest have been quietly at work helping rebuild Norway's network of mountain hiking paths. They've been at it since 2000, and have worked on paths and stairways in over 100 locations.

Their work is now the subject of a documentary filmed by Norway's NRK broadcaster. The film's producers hope it will not only bring their work to attention in Europe but also enhance their status in their native Nepal.

The Sherpas, who live their entire lives at high altitudes, are known for their skills as climbers and guides, and also for their endurance and skill at high-altitude work.

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Last Summer we went for a little hike to view Kragero in Norway and the path had a sign on it that it was built by Sherpas, which we really thought was cool. I'm glad to know the rest of the story !

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