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Gumbo's Pic of the Day, Aug. 4, 2014: MURAL DE LA PREHISTORIA - Viñales, Cuba



Viñales is an absolutely beautiful town in the Pinar del Rio province of Cuba. Its most prized stop on the tourist route is debatable though.


The Mural de la Prehistoria (Prehistoric Mural) is a massive mural painted in 1961 by Cuban artist Leovigildo Gonzalez Morillo on a rocky side of the mountain Mogote Dos Hermanas. The mural is 120 m (39 ft) high and 180 m (59 ft) wide, and is one of the world's biggest outdoor natural paintings.


It is a psychedelic piece of artwork depicting the theory of evolution hence paintings from ammonites to homo sapiens. Some say it is very polemic from the artistic point of view.


There can be buses of tourists on any given day taking photos of it or attempting to climb the bottom for posing with the massive mural. But to all it's either a great work of art or a complete eyesore to others.


What's your opinion? Do you love it or hate it?






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I like the mural!  There are those who get upset whenever anything "Natural" is defaced by art, but we often forget that our ancestors having been painting rocks and caves for thousands of years.  


I'd never heard of this mural and, besides the classic cars, gives me another reason to want to visit Cuba sometime soon.

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