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Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitors Center, Fairbanks


(Photo courtesy Explore Fairbanks)

The best place to orient yourself on things to see and do in Fairbanks is at the Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitor Center, looked at the heart of downtown.  Besides being a good source of advice (like local walking and driving turs), maps and travel brochures, the center has an Alaska Geographic store, Alaska Public Lands information center, and other offices.

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A spacious exhibit hall is part of the center, featuring a variety of interesting displays and dioramas.  We took about an hour to explore it and found the exhibits were quite interesting.  I've included a small sampling in this post.

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("Taguganiaqti -- Polar bear hunter, made of ivory and whale  bone)

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(Tlingit Beaded headdress, made of glass beads and deer skin)

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The story of the 'Bishop of Alaska' and his flying ministry is an interesting one....

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