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Montmorency Falls (Chute Montmorency), Quebec. Where Gumbo was #52


This photo proved to be challenging, although Jonathan L figured out where it was -- just didn't put a name to it.  That's a view of the Montmorency River as enters the great St. Lawrence River, 13 km (about 10 miles) east of Quebec City.  The building beside the river is the Parc del la Chute-Montmorency visitor center, and the large bridge on the top left leads to wonderful Île d'Orleans, an island in the center of the St. Lawrence known for its wonderful strawberries and apples -- and by itself an interesting destination.  This photographic view (top) was taken from one of the elevated walkways that you can climb to gain perspectives of Montmorency Falls.


Quebec & Ottawa 209, Montmorency Falls

Quebec & Ottawa 210, Montmorency Falls

 (Montmorency Falls viewed from the Visitor Center)


Montmorency Falls was named in 1613 by famed French explorer Samuel de Champlain, in honor of Henri II, duc de Montmorency.  It's one of Quebec's most spectacular natural attractions and is the province's tallest waterfall.  The falls are 84 meters high (275 ft -- 100 ft higher than Niagara Falls).  Montmorency Falls can be accessed by cable car (from base to the top of the falls), on foot from the visitor center or from its restaurant.   There are a variety of staircases one can climb to gain different perspectives of the falls, the river and in the distance, Quebec.  


Quebec & Ottawa 212, Montmorency Falls

Quebec & Ottawa 215, Montmorency Falls

A suspension bridge over the precipice of the falls provides an amazing view.   In the summer the park hosts an international fireworks competition.  The falls are illuminated after dark and the park is open year round.   It makes an interesting half-day trip from Quebec City and can be combined with a visit to nearby St. Anne's Canyon to make an interesting day's excursions!


Quebec & Ottawa 216, Montmorency Falls

Quebec & Ottawa 213, Montmorency Falls


Images (7)
  • View from falls viewing platform towards St. Lawrence River and the visitor center
  • Montmorency Falls, Quebec
  • Montmorency Falls, Quebec
  • Montmorency Falls, Quebec
  • View up the St. Lawrence River, towards Quebec
  • Montmorency Falls, Quebec
  • Gondola, Montmorency Falls, Quebec

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