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Minding manners saves you money


At least that's so at one cafe at a Catalan beach resort, where coffee is priced according to how you ask for it.

As seen in the menu above, greeting the waiter with "Good day! A coffee, please!" will set you back only 1.30€. Skipping the greeting adds 1.70€, and just snarling "A Coffee!" will cost you a whole 5€.

Marisel Valencia Madrid, whose name is nearly a map of Spain, posted the sign at the Blau Grifeu in Llança because she was distressed at how some patrons treated her and her staff. She told that “I put a sign in the window with the price system and it has made all the difference. People are now super polite in all matters and it has really improved daily life.” She says that some children have been reminding their parents to be polite.

“The normal price of a coffee is €1.30 and thankfully I haven’t had to charge more because everyone is giving me a greeting and saying please,” she said. “Some even say thank you now too!”

The best part of every trip is realizing that it has upset your expectations

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Hopefully the customers are also treated politely.  And I don't think all tourists that say" un café" are rude. It could be they are Japanese or Chinese and "café"  is the only  word they know.  

If you want a thing done, ask a busy man.

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