Meter's ticking for Taj Mahal visitors


With 50,000 visitors a day, the Taj Mahal is hitting its limits; some would say it has long passed them. To cope with the crowds, visitors will now be assigned reserved time slots, and will be fined if they overstay their 3-hour limit.

Up to now, local authorities have tried to manage the crowd by goosing up admission prices, now at $15.75 for foreign visitors and an additional $2.86 to enter the building itself. Domestic visitors pay less.

No word so far on how tourists will be timed or fined.

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Indian office wallahs have assiduously expanded on any bureaucracy 'bequeathed' by the Brits and this shouldn't present any problem, apart, of course, from the even-handed and understandable application of rules πŸ˜‚

I'd love to know if the Archaeological Survey of India derives any benefit, or Agra city council !