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May 3, 2017: Scenes from the Island of Rhodes

Late in the fall a few years ago, my wife Diane and I took a getaway from my US Army base in Germany.  We were destined for Tunisia, but some radical unrest at the time made us alter our plans for the Greek Island of Rhodes.
Top photo – Three remaining medieval windmills stand on the Mandraki Harbor breakwater near the location where the Colossus of Rhodes once stood in 280 BC to commemorate their victory over the ruler of Cyprus.  The windmills were built to grind the grain brought in from merchant sea vessels docked in the harbor.
 Island of Rhodes Greece
Photo #2 – A flower field behind our vacation bungalow in Miramare Park overlooking the beautiful Mediterranean Sea.

Old City of Rhodes, Greece
Photo #3 – Hustle and bustle inside the walls of Rhodes City.  Lots of craft shops, cafes, taverns and local produce stands.  Many streets are cobbled, so have some comfortable footwear.  Be advised that if you want to take a local bus, that the bus will pass up your stop if the driver believes his bus is at capacity.  We found this out from a local after we waited at a stop and all the buses passed our stop many times.  We finally shared a cab to Rhodes City.

Rhodes City Colorful Building
Photo #4 – Colorful interior of a Rhodes City building that I passed. 

Rhodes City Photo #5 – Rhodes City mosque on the crest of the hill.

Rhodes CityPhoto #6 – Local laundry business in Rhodes City that I thought was humorous.


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  • Ancient Windmills, Island of Rhodes
  • Island of Rhodes ,Greece
  • Old City of Rhodes, Greece
  • Rhodes City
  • Rhodes City
  • Rhodes City Colorful Building

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