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May 2, 2016: Nubian Goats


The Nubian is breed of domestic goat known for its long ears and "Roman Nose." They are very social and smart animals that will actual load themselves  and wait to be milked. Since October, I've done work exchange through HelpX, which I'll write more about  in an upcoming post.  One of the places I stayed was Lucy's small goat farm, Glen-York Goats, in Interlachen, Florida.

Lucy's Goat Farm 4

Although I had other projects to do on the farm, I enjoyed seeing and playing with the goats and giving them leaves from a tree I was cutting.  I was lucky to come when Glen and G2 were just a day old.

Lucy's Goat Farm 1

The herd is very important to Nubians and I saw the babies do what it takes to be part of it. 

I really loved the goat milk and goat cheese, and after staying at Lucy's, I gained an even greater respect for the  hard work it takes for farmers to get food to market.



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  • Lucy's Goat Farm 4
  • Lucy's Goat Farm 1
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