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Marmaris - the perfect resort for romantic couples


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What most people associate vacation in Turkey? Large noisy hotels, intrusive animation and unbearable heat... But vacation in this country can be quite different! The calm azure sea, picturesque bays among the rocks covered with pine forests, small comfortable hotels right by the beach ... This is all Marmaris, a resort located on the south-west coast of Turkey, where the Mediterranean Sea and the Aegean Sea meet.

Marmaris is often called the "jewel" of all Turkish cities: besides its idyllic scenery, this fashionable resort attracts tourists with its mild climate, variety of stores, active nightlife and plenty of sports activities. A special holiday for romantic couples: Marmaris is the perfect place for a "honeymoon" or an unforgettable vacation for two. So why is a vacation for two so attractive? Let's find out!

Small hotels without children

Marmaris and the adjacent resort town Icmeler practically has no giant hotel complexes for thousands of rooms, which everyone is used to having a rest in Turkey. Most local hotels are small comfortable hotels with 3 to 4 floors, mostly located along the beach line. Rest here is maximally close to the European: rare hotels in Marmaris can boast with a vast area or round-the-clock animation, but at the same time the resort has all conditions for recreation outside the hotel. The city has a huge number of entertainment for all tastes: stores, restaurants, bars, discos, there is a water park and a dolphinarium.

Another advantage of hotels in Marmaris for recreation of romantic couples is that most hotels of the resort are oriented to adult tourists without children. Thus holidaymakers are guaranteed a quiet pastime without the bustle, children's cries and running around.

Picturesque views

Marmaris is located on the shores of a picturesque bay surrounded by high mountains. The city is literally buried in the green of pine trees, palm trees and oleanders, and the air is filled with the resinous scent of pine. Fans of walking around the city will appreciate the picturesque medieval streets of the old part of Marmaris and the magnificent views from its old fortress on the coastline rugged with islets and coves. Those who are tired of the hustle and bustle of the resort can walk or ride their bikes along the many kilometers of promenade to the neighboring village of Icmeler and enjoy the natural surroundings. A leisurely moonlit stroll by the sea will put even the weariest couples in a romantic mood!

Boat rides

In the port there is always a huge number of yachts and snow-white sailing ships. The picturesque surroundings of the resort as if specially created for cruises. You can rent a speedboat or go on a group sea excursions in Marmaris, have a picnic on a secluded green island, admire ancient ruins and swim in the coves with turquoise water.

Couples in love should not miss the island of Cedir, where the famous Cleopatra beach is located, and learn its romantic history. According to legend, the island was presented to Queen Cleopatra by Mark Anthony, who was in love with her, and the unique white sand, reminiscent of large pearls, was specially brought to the beach from Egypt by his order to please his beloved. Now the unique island is under state protection, but everyone can swim and sunbathe on the amazing beach!


For those couples who can not imagine their holidays without a fun parties and active nightlife, Marmaris can also be an ideal place for a vacation. The city center is full of bars, discos and nightclubs - Bar Street. During the day it is a quiet and inconspicuous street, but when the night comes it is a lively place. Lovers of dance and cocktails can party until morning, passing from one institution to another all night.

Thus, recreation in Marmaris is suitable for couples of all ages and temperaments. Lovers of active nightlife and lovers of relaxing holidays will love this resort and a vacation spent in Marmaris will be really unforgettable!

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