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March 4, 2020: Vegas at Night, 1983


I've been slowly digitizing my old kodachrome slides (of which there are many).  While it's a lot of work, it's also a process that rewards me with some fun travel memories.

These photos were taken in Las Vegas in May 1983.  It gets pretty hot in Vegas that time of year, although the desert nights are very pleasant.  It was on one of these cool evenings that my brother and I wandered down the Strip.


I'd just gotten a new Canon camera and was eager to try it out.  We'd stop every now and then to take photos of the Casino lights.


What surprised me as I looked through these images is that most of these buildings no longer exist.  Most were smaller resorts that have been torn down and replaced by megaresorts featuring thousands of rooms each.  It was an easier and simpler place to visit 35 years ago.

(The Las Vegas Hilton has changed hands several times since the
years Elvis performed here.  Today it is the Westgate Hotel and Casino)

00031_s_16anap859g0031(The Golden Nugget resort, before the Freemont' Street roof was added )

(Circus Circus is still there, but the buffets have gone up geometrically in price.  Breakfast buffet in 1983 was $1.99 and dinner buffet is $3.99)



Images (6)
  • Las Vegas Hilton, 1983
  • Stardust Hotel, 1983
  • Flamingo Hilton and Caesar's Palace, 1983
  • Dunes and Oasis, 1983
  • Golden Nugget, 1983
  • Circus Circus, 1983

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"We do not take a trip, a trip takes us".  John Steinbeck, from Travels with Charlie

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