March 25, 2019: 1958 Buick Special, Calgary


01 1958 Buick Special

01a 1958 Buick Special

A marquee car for Buick was its Special, considered an entry-level vehicle. This lovely 1958 model is the last year the Special was made. In the 1958 Buick Special1959 model year, the LeSabre was to replace the Special.

05 1958 Buick SpecialThe chrome work on many cars from the 1950s is lovely, and this one certainly is not an exception.  Note the gas cap in the middle of the rear bumper.

02 1958 Buick Special

04 1958 Buick Special

The engine is a 364 cubic inch nailhead V8.  It has an automatic transmission.

06 1958 Buick Special

07 1958 Buick Special

I was wondering what the function of these steel antennae behind the rear wheel was, and have to conclude that they were there to help with parallel parking.  If you hear metal scraping the curb, you're too close.  A single antennae is also found behind the front passenger wheel.

08 1958 Buick Special


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