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March 23, 2018: Fabulous Grill, Gardena, California


If this ends up sounding like an ad, it isn't. If it seems like a rave review, it is. I don't get to Los Angeles very often, but when I do, the Fabulous Grill is one of the places at the top of my list.


We first found it when staying with friends in way-south Los Angeles, Gardena to be exact. When Gertrude Stein described Los Angeles as '200 suburbs in search of a city,' this must have been part of what she had in mind. If not, she missed a great breakfast. Nothing fancy: almost all local folks and truck drivers passing through.


But inside, breakfast that's worth a ride across town. Good enough to repeat the picture of the brown on the bottom liquid at the center fried eggs, bacon, toast, and especially the hash browns. Shredded, tossed in lots of butter, and lovingly tended on the grill. 


Oh, and the avocado omelet. What more could you ask? Maybe just a coffee refill and a promise to be back again...


Fabulous Grill, at the corner of Crenshaw and El Segundo Boulevards, Gardena, California. Open 5 am to 2 am most of the week, all night on Friday.


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So many countries around the world do not have fast food stores where you can sit and eat. Sure, they have Restaurants at Restaurant prices. But 3 times a day with waiter service. No. I don't have time to spare when I'm on the road. I'll be back in the US this summer and The Diner is a great American Institution,

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