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Mar. 26, 2016: Waiting for the big one...


I took this photo on the third day of my trip to Australia on a coastal walk between Bondi and Bronte, it was a fairly cold August day and the waves were whipping up over the iceberg swimming pool but it didn’t deter a pommie like me used to chilly weather.

To me this photo epitomises the laid back outdoor culture that is forever Aussie.  As work finishes young twenty and thirty somethings race to the coast from the city, park up, jump out of their cars and look longingly into that water. The boot is open, they squeeze into their wet suits and haul the board off the roof rack. Instantly office worries are forgotten and they hurry down to the water’s edge. What a great way to shake off the work day, us busy too engrossed pommies could learn a thing or two before life passes us by.


Had the best fish and chips on Tamarama Beach that I have never been able to replicate anywhere else, I believe it was barramundi, near to Bondi and it was bonzer!

I see that picture every day that I am home as I have immortalised it on canvas. I will get back there one day but for now a wistful glance will have to suffuce. I don’t want my epitaph on my tombstone to read ‘she worked too hard’ but a playful sentence like ‘she dreamed, she travelled, she escaped’ would do nicely!


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It is a great photo!

Aussie culture sounds a lot like Hawaiian culture.  When work in Honolulu ends, there is a massive migration of youngsters and their surfboards to Waikiki.  Here the waves are a lot more predictable because of the coral reefs, but the enthusiasm for the water sounds very similar.

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"We do not take a trip, a trip takes us".  John Steinbeck, from Travels with Charlie

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