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Mallorca, Spain


A few years ago, my wife and I celebrated a romantic personal anniversary on the Spanish island of Mallorca in October when the weather was still warm and sunny.  So our visit was spent mostly relaxing and walking around the local village.

Mallorca Bar Sign

Mallorca Tree

Mallorca is the largest island of Spain by area, the seventh largest in the Mediterranean and is located very close to the Spanish mainland and directly south of Barcelona. The island is a tourist hotspot, known for its beaches, cuisine, sailing and architecture.  Historical bronze age settlements and Roman/Moorish preserved sites are always a big tourist draw.

Palace de Muro Mallorca

Palace de Muro Beach Mallorca

We stayed at the 5-Star Place De Muro hotel which I would strongly recommend for its luxurious accommodations and being directly on a beautiful beach.  You can also take the ferry out of the capital city of Palma for a 3-hour ride to the other famous island of Ibiza.

Mallorca Flags


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  • Mallorca Bar Sign
  • Mallorca Beach Scene
  • Mallorca Flags
  • Mallorca Tree
  • Palace de Muro Beach Mallorca
  • Palace de Muro Mallorca

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