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Make the Most of Your Private Venice Tour with These tips


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Venice should be your next holiday destination if you want to experience the rich culture and diverse heritage of Italian lands. The historical city has an irresistible appeal because of its ancient architectural legacy.

Visiting this UNESCO world heritage site is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You can choose the best private Venice tours to experience this magnificent, remarkable island city in Italy.

Why Should You Choose a Private Venice Tour?

A recent newspaper report stated that Venice is set to charge an entry fee for visitors to control tourism. From summer 2022, international visitors are required to book their stay in advance and pay entry charges before visiting the City of Canals.

Here are a few reasons to include a private Venice tour as part of your Italy travel plan.

- You get top-rated local guides who can speak multiple languages. They can help you travel around the best places, making your tour experience as perfect as it can be.

- Private Venice tours are customizable to suit your schedule and family needs. They are more informative and entertaining compared to group travels.

- You can plan some fun entertainment activities for your friends and families.

- You get special offers and discounts when you book a private tour package.

- You get to choose some of the best rated-accommodation and food tours as part of your private guided travel plan.

Best Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Private Venice Tour

Venice is the biggest floating city in Europe, made up of 118 islands. Hundreds of crisscrossing canals and bridges link them.

Here are some tested tips to make the most out of your private tour to these locations.

Check Out the Best Places to Explore

A private tour guide will escort you to a peaceful boat ride to your hotel when you arrive in Venice. The Gondola rides across the breathtaking canals are a popular choice for tourists from various corners of the world, and no trip to Venice is ever truly complete without them.

A Venice tour is also incomplete without tasting the authentic Italian appetizers in the local restaurants. Do not forget to include a Venice food tour where local chefs will give you some cooking tips and share interesting Italian recipes. You can also get some of the finest seafood dishes at some of the top restaurants in Venice.

Wine Tasting

Venice is home to some of the best wineries in the world. Places like Valdobbiadene have some of the best vineyards in Italy. You can taste some famous wines at a beach-side boutique hotel with your family and friends.

Places to Explore by Foot

Some private Venice tours also include guided walking tours. You can ask your local guide to take you to Saint Mark’s square, the Basilica, and the Doge's Palace.

The St. Mark's Basilica is famous for its artistic mosaics and magnificent design. The Doge's Palace is a mixture of Gothic, Moorish, and Renaissance architecture.

You can choose to skip the line by booking these as part of your private guided Venice tour.

Private Venice tours are managed by passionate tourist guides who have expert knowledge about the city's art, culture, and heritage. You can hence, customize and choose your guide and travel plan to make the most out of your dream vacation.

They offer the best accommodation, food, and travel options for making your Venice trip a memorable and exciting one.

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