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Maine-ly Lumber


In Maine, lumber and wood products are still among the state's biggest industries, a fact you can't escape if you drive through the state's northern reaches.


These pictures were taken along U.S. 1 while driving from Fort Kent to Portland, but there were plenty more, had we chosen to make a lumber day of it...


It struck me that we were seeing something of the whole process: Miles and miles of trees, trucks loaded with logs, a field full of logs piled at the mill, and then  truckloads of lumber ready for market


Lumbering in Maine goes way back: the first sawmill in what's now the U.S. was built in Maine in 1623, and large swathes of the state were officially set aside by the Royal Navy as a source of tall, straight masts.


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The best part of every trip is realizing that it has upset your expectations

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