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Madrid Mayor to clear the city of Dictator Franco

Francisco Franco, from the 1960s. Courtesy of AFP. 


Manuela Carmena, the new mayor of Madrid (and a former communist judge), is going to clean the streets of Madrid.  It seems there are 150 streets and public places that are named after or refer to the late dictator Francisco Franco, his soldiers, or to the 1936 military coup.  Ms Carmena plans on replacing them with the names of illustrious women and local heroes, the proletariat names to be decided by residents of these streets and regions.


And Franco is not the only name she wants banned from Madrid.  Less than a year after it was inaugurated by the previous conservative mayor of the city, Ana Botella, Ms Carmena plans on cleansing the city of  "Margaret Thatcher square".


More on this story from the local at this link.



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  • Francisco Franco, from the 1960s.  Courtesy of AFP.

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