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Looking for a 'bathroom-friendly' airline?


Airlines have been ranked for fares, punctuality, safety and more, so it seems only logical that a survey would address one of most people's least-favorite aspects of flying: the lavatory.

And when we say 'least favorite,' there's data to back that up in a new survey from UponArriving, a company that provides practical tips and data to help travelers. Their data say that, for U.S. domestic flights,

  • 74% actively avoid using the bathroom during a flight
  • 70% found using the bathroom during a flight stressful
  • 65% believe planes don't have enough bathrooms

The study looked at data for all U.S. domestic flights, and aircraft types, comparing the number of economy seats to lavatories. They found that the best five had 36-49 passengers per toilet, and the five worst had a toilet only for every 77-85 passengers.

UponArriving says "We also hope some of this data sheds light on the need to improve the bathroom situation for some of these aircraft. 80 passengers effectively sharing a single bathroom for several hours is definitely not ideal."

Here are the top airlines in their ranking

  1. JetBlue
  2. Alaska
  3. Allegiant
  4. United    
  5. Delta
  6. American
  7. Spirit
  8. Frontier
  9. Southwest

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