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Longest flight to become a spa day


Singapore Airlines, whose Singapore to New York flights are currently the world's longest, has teamed up with California's trendy Golden Door to turn the flight into a sort of 'wellness experience.' The program will be extended soon to Singapore to Los Angeles flights as well.

Onboard, passengers in all classes will have access to special meals planned by Golden Door chefs, exercise and stretching programs, advice on how to sleep in flight, which runs to 18 hours between Singapore and New York, and three hours less for Los Angeles.

The airline's head of customer experience says that "Now, more than ever, our customers are focused on maximizing wellness in every aspect of their lives. This partnership is instrumental in finding practical, effective ways to extend the principles and practice of well being to air travel."

The Golden Door, named by Conde Nast Traveler as the world's top spa, is north of San Diego, and gets around $14,000 minimum for a week's stay, making the inflight version almost a bargain.

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