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Long, hot summer shrinks French wine production


Some of last year's wines of Provence, at a local festival in Saint-Remy de Provence 


The weeks and weeks of high heat across Europe, and especially in France, are affecting prospects for this year's French wine vintage. Because of the heat, grapes have not grown to their usual size. On the other hand, it may still be good wine!


An article in outlines the situation and speaks to some of the experts. Virginie Larramona, of the Associaation Grands Crus Classes de Saint Emilion told The Local that "basically we won't really know anything until the end of August. If we get too much rain or a drought it can change everything." Florence Hertaut, an expert in the Rhone region, says that Beaujolais production could drop by as much as a third.


Some of the experts disagree over the quality; a Burgundy winegrowers' representative says that a "small decline in quality can be expected due to the heat. When the vine lacks water, this limits how long it can grow." On the other hand, others say that the heat has kept the vines safe from damp-loving fungus, and that can lead to an excellent crop.


As always, we can't judge the experts...but in time, we will judge the wine!




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