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New code for London's buskers: Sing, share, go, please!


          Photo from Wikimedia Commons,Author ProfDEH

The  new code of Code of Conduct  for Buskers (Street Performers) in London was issued on Monday by Mayor Boris Johnson. These official guidelines for Buskers were made in consultation with police and musicians  as a way of resolving disputes.

 Some of the rules :

"If you use amplification, set your volume just above the level of background street noise and check your sound is not distorted."


"Let people get past. There should be enough space to wheel an object as large as a piano around you and your audience - even at the busiest times."

"Performers with varied repertoire are more popular and attract fewer complaints. If you only know a few songs, move to a new location when you’ve played them"


"Some sounds can become annoying more quickly. For example: repetitive sounds like some types of percussion or beatboxing; loud sounds like highly amplified guitars; hard ‘attack’ sounds like drums; piercing sounds like bagpipes. If your act has these, move regularly or find locations with no flats, offices, shops or hotels."


 Photo: Wikimedia Commons / Jorge Royan


More on Euronews:

The Busk in London Code Of Conduct:



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If you want a thing done, ask a busy man.

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Good to see some common sense rules that street performers,the public,businesses and police can support. Sounds like they struck the right balance . I hope others cities follow London's lead rather that ban all performers if problems arise.

If you want a thing done, ask a busy man.

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