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Lofoten Islands, Norway


The Lofoten Islands are an archipelago located within the Arctic Circle in Norway’s Nordland County. There are seven main islands, with fjords and narrow straits in between them.


From a distance, or when approaching by sea, the archipelago looks like one steep island. This effect is called the Lofot wall.

Owing to the influence of the Gulf Stream the climate is relatively mild here, despite the latitude north of the Arctic Circle. Between September and April you can experience the Aurora Borealis or northern lights.


The archipelago is known for its exceptional natural beauty, picturesque fishing settlements, the rorbu (fishermen’s cottages) and abundant wildlife.


Tiny settlements with typical rorbus are found around the islands. Nowadays many of them are used as accommodation for visitors to the islands.


These pictures were taken on board the cruise ship Norwegian Star and on land at Leknes.


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