Liverpool - What do you mean. It has a Beach ?

When I tell folks I meet on Vacation I'm from Liverpool UK they say "You must be enjoying all this beach life.  Long walks on the Sand.  Fishing.  Fresh air and gorgeous sunsets" so I reply "No. I get all this back in Liverpool- I'm just here for a change in scenery" ....

Liverpool is better known for its 10 miles of Docks on the seafront. "No way does Liverpool have a Beach!" I get told.

Do you get stuck with Media Produced Stereo types of your Home Town ?


You can walk - or cycle - from the North end of the Liverpool Docklands for over 10 miles, with no traffic and no roads. Just a flat  tarmac path through the sand hills. Watch the Ships - the wild birds and the rabbits. You may even spot a "Natterjack".  And it follows the train line, so you can get back easily ! I do swim in the sea - when I'm feeling brave !


2-IMG_1271Solitude on the Beach - Just 1 mile North of Liverpool Docks. July 2013. Over 80'F all month.

1-IMG_1262Miles of Sand Hills and Beach - 5 miles North of Liverpool Centre. Summer 2013.


Start of a 20 mile walk - 10 miles until you need to watch for a car going onto the beach !






Looking across the sea to the Mountains of North Wales. Snow covered for 6 months a year. Mt. Snowdon in the centre. About 80 miles away.


Wind Turbines - some hate 'em - I like them !


5 miles and 15 miles out to sea from Sefton - North Liverpool


Much of this land including the sand hills has been reclaimed from the sea. Tides of over 32 Feet are normal. And in stormy weather you'd get a good soaking sitting here! But on a sunny day its a good place to rest on the long walk and admire the view.


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I live in Calgary now and people often have the impression it's a cowboy town -- which it is, but it's really a modern oil-economy based city as well.  A view of the city's skyline.




How far away are those beaches from Liverpool itself, Garry?  What I most like about them is how uncrowded they are.  Is the water warm enough to swim in or only for those with a strong constitution?


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The Temperatures for Liverpool rely on the strength of the Gulf Stream which sends warm water up from the Caribbean to the West of the UK.  It follows the Jet Stream. It means that we can grow Palm Trees in the West - right up to Scotland ! Without this we would freeze in winter because we're that far North. Near to the Latitude of Alaska. But we don't !

Does the Gulf Stream also bring a harvest of tasty fish with it ?  Does the pattern of currents vary so that the Gulf Stream brings warmer waters closer to shore at some times than at other times ?

No - no more Fish. Fish like Cod and Haddock like the colder waters of the UK. Too much heat and they go further North to Iceland. The Gulf Stream often gets caught in a pattern. Its been stuck for months now, bringing us warm water to raise temperatures. At this time of year we get an overnight frost and cool days. But we've had 50f at night and over 60f during the day. My outdoor Tomato's are still healthy and near ready for picking! Thanks to the Gulf stream ! The warmer waters hit the beach all year. M.Ob. The minus side of the Gulf Stream is we're due to get a storm in 12 hours with 80mph winds !!

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