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Lights in Bloom: Holiday Spirit during Covid


The sun setting over Sarasota Bay allowing the beautiful lights display
to show their beauty.

2020 has been the kind of year where people will stay up New Year’s Eve to make sure it is gone.  Challenging for many of us would be an understatement.  So how can we still enjoy Christmas as we close out the year?

Several organizations, like the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens in Sarasota, are maintaining great traditions.  Selby Gardens has several highly creative themed shows throughout the year, usually showcasing orchids.  Lights in Bloom is Selby’s captivating display despite the coronavirus.

2 KAI_2350R2Not many people know that Santa’s reindeer get a much needed break in Florida. A team of pink flamingoes take over.

Lights in Bloom started over 10 years ago.  Well over one million lights are spread over 15 acres on a beautiful property on Sarasota Bay.  Several efforts have been made to still celebrate the season while protecting everyone:  (1) operating at 50 percent capacity, (2) requiring guests to wear masks for everyone’s protection, and (3) spreading out displays so people avoid congregating.  Additional measures have included no appearance by Santa Claus.

Selby’s hallmark thoughtfulness and creativity are reflected here.  Best of the holiday season to everyone.  Hope this helps everyone mentally shift into a holiday spirit, and here’s to a much better 2021.

3 KAI_2272R2Even as the sun sets many of the displays are both interesting and fun.

4 KAI_2358R2Thirty minutes later, a little darker providing a different look.

5 KAI_2303R2Selby Gardens is known for their spectacular orchids, but will gladly display almost any striking flower.

6 KAI_2296R2One is almost always certain to see a wide variety of flowers at Selby Gardens.

7 KAI_2317R28 KAI_2342R2The butterflies are wonderful creations and really pop when it gets fully dark.

9 KAI_2318R210 KAI_2356R211 KAI_2357R2

Lighted pathways lead into an imaginary, magical and inspiring world.

12 KAI_2291R2

Overheard someone call these “the mushroom people.”  Don’t know if that’s accurate or not, but it is fun.

13 KAI_2354R2

This lighted tunnel was adapted this year to celebrate bees, hence the honeycomb patterns.

14 KAI_2305R2

Unlike many tunnel displays, this one is just long enough with a few gentle turns to make it enthralling.

15 KAI_2307R2

One of the Florida themed light displays with Sarasota Bay as a backdrop.

16 KAI_2326R2

This peacocks display immediately grabbed most people’s attention, followed by enthusiastic comments.

17 KAI_2331R2

Selby Gardens has a small koi pond.  It is usually used in any themed show and Lights in Bloom is no exception.  The reflections in the water add a special feeling.

18 KAI_2338R219 KAI_2341R220 KAI_2275R2


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