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Lego Store, NYC: Only the Best is Good Enough


On our recent trip to NYC  we enjoyed checking out the Union Square Holiday Market as well as many famous landmarks. So we had to make sure to go visit the Flatiron Building. While in the area, we saw the Lego store right across the street. My little 5 year old nephew is obsessed with Lego products, so of course I had to go in and see what he would like. It was close to Christmas after all, lol

Lego - Curious GeorgeI hadn’t thought of it before we went in, but I had never been into a Lego store before. I wasn’t sure what to except, but I was pleasantly surprised. It was so interesting and I was in awe of all the different shapes and imagination of their creators. I couldn’t believe all the wonderful statues of famous buildings and people. They also had animals made out of the Legos. It was so cool.

Lego - DragonI loved the Lego name above the cashier sign, but what was even more impressive, was the huge dragon that sort of wrapped around the inside of the building.  I also really enjoyed the Statue of Liberty torch. It was quite impressive.

Lego - TorchAnother thing I found interesting was they had a huge bin of Legos that you could mix and match for a set price (depended on the size of the bucket). It was great if you were looking for a certain color, of just wanted to add some variety to whatever Legos you already had. This is what I thought my nephew would enjoy. I could see him picking and choosing some of his favorites.

Lego - LegosHowever, if you really wanted to do it yourself set that also had plenty of those. I couldn’t even count the different types that had. I wasn’t shopping for me, but I really liked the little castle I saw. I think that would have been fun to get and put together

Lego - CastleI didn’t realize this before our trip, but Lego has a motto. It is - Only the best is good enough. True to its motto ‘Only the best is good enough’, the Lego Group has been emphasizing the importance of high quality since 1932, where their founder Ole Kirk Kristiansen began making wooden toys. High quality and safe products have remained the focal point for the Lego Group throughout the years - and it still is. Lego products are tested rigorously to live up to the strictest safety and quality standards as well as their high expectations. This approach has made children and adults return to LEGO products time and again.

Lego - Bob the BuilderIt was a great visit and I could really feel the excitement on the many kids that were there shopping too. I hope many Lego products made their way under their trees this Christmas.  Here is a like to their website if you would like more info or to purchase some Legos yourself.

Lego - Store Inside


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