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Gumbo's Pic of the Day, November 24, 2014: Le Pouce de Cesar Sculpture - Paris



Paris may be famous for its architecture and many ornate historic sculptures scattered around the city but one of the more modern sculptures that is 50/50 with people is Le Pouce de CÉsar in the business district of La Defense. It is a work of art to some and a complete eyesore to others.


The sculpture was created in 1965 by CÉsar Baldaccini (known as CÉsar) using an impression of his own thumb print. Le Pouce was later installed at La DÉfense in 1994. More famously called the "Thumb" in English, it holds its own space with its 12m height and weight of 18 tonnes despite being within close proximity to La Grande Arche.


Le Pouce is one of 60 sculptures and monuments scattered throughout the district but it remains the most famous since being installed. It is quite comical to note that some workers in the area who saw it every morning on their way to work would wish it was another "finger" that pointed to their offices. 


So your opinion - artwork or eyesore?




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