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LAX tests new 'bathroom busy' system


Travelers who sometimes stand in long lines, not knowing if a restroom stall is free and not wanting to squint at the opening or look for feet on the floor, will be rooting for a successful test of Tooshlights at Los Angeles LAX Terminal 4.

The test, a collaboration between the suggestively-named company, LAX and American Airlines, places red and green signals in the restroom ceiling; red means 'occupied'; green means 'go!' (Pun intended).

“We’ve all been there. You’re in the restroom and someone shakes the door, peeks through the crack, or looks under the stall partition to see your feet,” said Allen Klevens, CEO and founder of Tooshlights. “Bathroom lines get long because people don’t know which stalls are available.”

The company points to other benefits of the system as well. The smart latches that operate the lights also collect data (you saw that coming, right?) which can be used to set maintenance schedules, know when and where more facilities are needed and more.

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