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Lanai: Sorry, Island Closed for Renovation

Larry Ellison, the software billionaire (Oracle) has a dream of making the Hawaiian island of Lanai "the first economically viable, 100% green community" and he's closed down the island for a while to work on it. He can do that, because three years ago, he bought 98% of the island.


Lanai's closest neighbor is Maui. The island has two Four Seasons resorts, and one other hotel, all owned by Ellison. One of the Four Seasons is closed for the next three months for major renovations, and the other is closed because it's being used as housing for the construction crew. The remaining hotel has 11 rooms; other than that, day trips from Maui are still possible.


Lanai: view from a balcony.      Photo: Wikimedia / Janine



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Any idea how long the island is going to be closed?  I'd hope to visit Lanai in about 2 years.


Must be nice to buy your own Hawaiian Island -- and interesting to see if this "green" scheme will work.  Lanai has limited resources, except for lots of sunshine a great weather.

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This first project is scheduled for 3 months, but it’s not clear what the schedule of other projects will be, or if it will require the closing of both major hotels. Best advice, I think, would be to check with the Lanai Four Seasons resorts and see when they’re taking new reservations for. But two years out…probably no problem.
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