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Lake Elmo, Billings, Montana


In late May we spent some time in Billings, Montana visiting my niece and nephew. One day while they were both working, my husband and I took our dog on a little excursion to Lake Elmo State Park. The park has an elevation of 3.199 feet and it's 123 acres – huge, lol.

Lake Elmo 3It is a very nice park and they even have a Dog Park. This fenced-off area is 200 square feet and includes a water area. There is a maximum of two dogs per visitor, and they must be over four months old. Otherwise, dogs do need to be leashed everywhere else.

Lake Elmo 2Did I mention the water, lol? This 64-acre reservoir is a great place to relax for a while or do some swimming, paddle boarding, fishing, or just have a picnic. We sat around for a while until it got too hot, but it is a very nice place to take a break for a while with our fur baby.

Lake Elmo 4


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