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"Lactation Station" joining airport amenities

Milwaukee's General Mitchell airport has become the first to install free standing pods for nursing mothers. They are self-contained pods with comfortable furniture, outlets for breast pumps, and space for nursing on the go. Three have been installed with more to come. The supplier, Mamava, has sold 11 to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey; the first three (one each for JFK, Newark and Laguardia) will be in place by Mothers' Day. From USA Today, MORE




The best part of every trip is realizing that it has upset your expectations

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It will probably come as a shock to Americans to see babies being breast fed in public in the UK.

What's acceptable - or not - varies throughout Europe.

But in the UK, breast fed babies are getting the best from their Mother.

And don't even think about airing your opinion if you don't like it !

The Equality Act 2010 has made it illegal for anyone to ask a breastfeeding woman to leave a public place.

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Yes, we have such laws; but more often than not women are being asked to go to the ladies restroom (not always sanitary) or elsewhere if she does breastfeed in public.  There was a story just last week about a women being asked to "cover up" with a blanket on an airline:


This of course is just one example of many in the news lately. 

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In general, I think this is a non-issue.  As with any public behavior, it can be accomplished in a way so as not to offend even the most delicate of sensibilities, if that's what the parties on both sides want.


When I was an infant, my mother traveled from California to Louisiana with a newborn on a troop train and gave me some very good advice for maintaining privacy in public.  I was also on the road with a new baby for the first few months of his life and with the aid of a light blanket thrown over my shoulder, as mother instructed, never exposed myself to a soul, in airports, on planes, in hotel lobbies, in parks, you name it.


I can't help but wonder if the bother is about a few wanting to make a point, on both sides, rather than any other issue they may claim.  We have too many laws dictating common sense and I think this is another of those.

There's a real problem, and it has a number of parts.


First, there are some who need reminding that nursing is normal...and some of those complain loudly (happened in my presence on a bus last week) even though nothing was exposed.


But the point of the lactation station, I think, touches the other horn of the dilemma. Some families feel that, even covered by a blanket, that they are the object of unwanted attention, and prefer some privacy...and the lactation station is a lot better solution than the bathroom...especially since it has room for the family, not just the mother and baby. That, and the pumping facility, make me think it's a plus.

The best part of every trip is realizing that it has upset your expectations

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After reading the CNN article TravelGirlJenn has brought to our attention then the Nursing Pod must be given the praise it deserves.

The majority of passengers on that flight were in support of that poor mother - just the few causing distress.

Maybe we do need legislation to stop dinosaurs. 

They aren't offended.

They just choose to complain. 


I do think it *should* be a non-issue.  It does frustrate me that it is an issue--both sides are sometimes at fault, as you indicate PortMoresby.  Often, I think many cry fowl even when nothing is exposed.  I think I saw more exposure at the Oscars this year than the average breast feeding woman.


Those pods are definitely a good idea and hopefully they will provide the privacy and bonding time mothers and her infant(s) need.


With that being said, if there is a long flight, mom or the baby(s) should not be expected to not have the opportunity to feed (or even pump)...or eat for that matter!  I know I get cranky when I haven't eaten my dinner. 

"Do you know where you are?"  "No idea.  More fun that way!" - 10th Doctor

Ah, yes...the Oscars. Might have been better to put most of the guests and presenters in many of the costumes just begged the question: Haven't any of them read "The Emperor's New Clothes?" Does no one dare to tell a dressmaker/designer "No, not on me!"


Uh, oh...looks like someone woke up grouchy! And will also complain that the presenters, skilled actors all, and used to crafting affecting and convincing performances...seem not to have rehearsed and to be unable to read lines well off the TelePrompter.


Stepping off soapbox, taking chill pill, returning to normal...

The best part of every trip is realizing that it has upset your expectations

I haven't watched the Oscar in years.   Was there breast-feeding on them this year?  Might have to tune in next year 


Understand all points on this issue.  Breast feeding is important and should be encouraged.  And it can be done with discretion.

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