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LA rail extension great for beachgoers


Los Angeles has extended the Expo line of its Metro system out to the beach, a big boost for commuters, vacationers and local weekend relaxers. It turns what can be up to a 2-hour drag in traffic from downtown to Santa Monica beach into a 45 minute ride.

The new line extension opened Friday, May 20, so this is the first weekend for the service. which added 7 stations and over 6.5 miles to the line, which runs until 3 am. At $1.75 each way, it's a bargain: at current gas prices, it could easily cost more to drive and even more to park.

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This will really help on time. As a kid,  I took the bus from Santa Monica to Downtown LA a lot and it took forever but it was to be one of the most interesting rides anywhere. It goes through such diverse neighborhoods it almost doesn't seem real.

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