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June 29, 2019: Toyota Celica, Looking Good


Spotted on the road in Breisach, Germany, a small town along the Rhine, this is one of those 60s and 70s 'sporty' cars built on a workaday chassis. In this case, the flashy Toyota Celica, actually a Corolla in disguise.


Toyota built a confusing variety of Celicas between 1970 and 2006, changing model names and numbers not only by the year but by which country it was to be sold in. The best I can do with this one is to say it's about 1974 to 1976.


Ironically, the Celica was first intended as Toyota's answer to Ford's Mustang (also a flashy fake; it was a lean body on a Falcon chassis), but by the time this model came around, it was starting to resemble Dodge' muscle cars.


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