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July 16, 2016: Left Luggage, Liverpool


Liverpool in the 19th century was one of the world's great crossroads, both for the rich and famous, the not-so-rich but still famous, and for the millions who passed through the city as emigrants, many coming to the U.S.

DSC08239So it's appropriate in a way that this sculpture installation on the aptly named Hope Street, is easily taken to honor both the famous and those trying to find a new life. The work is by John King, and was installed in 1998.

Officially, its punny name is Case Study, and each of the items is intended to represent one of the better-known Liverpudlians or visitors, and there's a sign nearby with many of them listed. But for me, I prefer to think of the emigrants, and can't help but referring to the heap of battered cases as "Left Luggage."



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The best part of every trip is realizing that it has upset your expectations

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Not the most artistic - but something that makes you think.

And each admirer will add their own interpretation to what it symbolises.

You could just sit there and watch the faces of kids who've never seen it before, and watch their faces light up with bewilderment. Street art. Love it.


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