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July 15, 2016: Children of Malawi


This is one my favourite photos of my recent trip to Mulanje in Malawi.  I volunteered in a secondary school and stayed at the Kumwamba centre in Mulanje which is run by FOMO – Friends of Malawi Orphans.

These children have very little but they do have lots of smiles! In the evenings on return from the school I would watch them play. When I say play they really did play and without toys or the electronic paraphernalia  that many children now have access to in other parts of the world. Sometimes I would give them bubbles brought from home which they truly loved.  I would blow the bubbles and they would jump, laugh and beg for more….. and they were so overwhelmed when I left the bubbles with them to finish off.

They also loved to have their photos taken and would rush to see the image on the camera, they just couldn’t get enough.

For them it’s the little things and something we should all remember ….. it is the little things in life that sometimes mean the most. It was very humbling being with these children and something I won’t forget in a hurry.



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