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July 14, 2018: Amsterdam's Dapper Market


Despite its name in English, the Dappermarkt has nothing to do with stylish clothes and grooming—although you can probably find them if you look. It's actually named for the Dapperstraat, where it occupies almost four blocks every day with its hundreds of stalls.


It's in the east end of the city, a neighborhood that's traditionally been a landing and mingling place for immigrants, both from abroad and from rural areas; for many years the major population was from the East Indies. Today, the mix continues, but with gentrifying younger people on the increase as well.


The market started a bit over 100 years ago as a Monday market for vendors who were crowded out of the city's other markets. It became known as one of the cheapest places to buy, both for food and other goods, and it grew and it grew. Today, 260 stalls, 150 merchants, 6 days a week. National Geographic has called it one of the world's 10 best market streets.

20180602_150553On our visit to Amsterdam in the spring, we stayed in an apartment just around the corner from the market, and stopped in for some bargains the first day, including beautiful rhubarb at very low prices.


And we found 'poffers,' tiny pancakes served six to an order with sprinkled sugar. They were delicious, and the threat in the sign was quite unnecessary!



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The best part of every trip is realizing that it has upset your expectations

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The sounds - smells and colours of an open air market.

I like the one's  that do a taste sampling. 

And the fur coat you get on your teeth after eating Rhubarb. Stewed and served with custard. 

Is it true that Rhubarb is the only food that pigs wont eat ?

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