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July 13, 2020: Wine on the Vine, Napa Valley


01 Robert Mondavi Vineyard

I've only visited the Napa Valley a few times, always as a day-trip when visiting San Francisco.  It's a pretty valley, with lots of vineyards, wineries and elegant homes. 

03 Robert Mondavi Vineyard

What I didn't enjoy were all the drunks on the road.  Seems the wine tasting sessions at the wineries are very popular and many people swallow all the samples, rather than spitting them out.    Several decades ago the wine tasting was free -- last vineyard I visited (in Walla Walla) charged for tastings, and I assume that's the case in Napa today as well.

02 Robert Mondavi Vineyard

These photos were taken at the Robert Mondavi winery.


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  • 00 Robert Mondavi Vineyard
  • 01 Robert Mondavi Vineyard
  • 02 Robert Mondavi Vineyard
  • 03 Robert Mondavi Vineyard

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