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JetBlue aims Buffalo-LA flight at Canadian flyers


JetBlue is adding a pair of flights between Buffalo, NY and Los Angeles in a move that's aimed at drawing Canadians across the border to start their West Coast travel. Flying from Buffalo can save about 30% on the fare, and avoid unpleasantly long customs pre-clearance lines at Toronto's airport.

It's an unusual move for JetBlue, since neither city is a hub that would allow them to feed passengers into other routes; it's strictly a point-to-point proposition. But since about half of Buffalo's passengers are Canadians who cross the border for cheaper fares or who live as near Buffalo as Toronto, it may be a viable deal. 

The flight will leave Buffalo daily at 6:40 pm, arriving in LA at about 9; the return flight will be a red-eye, arriving in Buffalo at around 6 am. For more background, from USA Today, click HERE

JetBlue is also adding two other cross-country routes, adding a flight between Boston and Salt Lake City, and another from Fort Lauderdale to San Diego. Both are evening flights headed west, and red-eyes on the return east.


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There's a fair bit of competition for Canadians at the Buffalo airport.  My cousin lives near Niagara Falls and often uses Buffalo as her preferred departure airport.  Given her close proximity, it makes a lot more sense than driving to Toronto, which is about as popular with Canadians as JFK and LAX are with Americans.

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